Photography Greats Team up for a Great Cause Just in Time for the Holidays

Photography Greats Team up for a Great Cause Just in Time for the Holidays

Looking for gifts that support a good cause? Look no further than Prints for Nature

Created by Ami Vitale and her team, Prints for Nature is a special online sale featuring donated prints by over eighty of the world’s top fine art and nature photographers and many underrepresented emerging talent who work to protect people, wildlife and the environment. If you’ve ever wanted a print from one of the greats, here’s your chance.

The project is rooted in the idea of how much stronger we are all when we work together. “The initiative was inspired by a desire to face the current challenges of the pandemic as well as the impacts it’s having on both wildlife and the communities protecting them. Wildlife is being left vulnerable and poaching is rising. We want to help and believe that by coming together, we can give people the chance to own a unique image by a renowned artist and leave a lasting legacy,” Ami told us.

Now, you can buy prints from some of the most impactful photographers in the industry, including Joel Sartore (Photo Ark founder), Jimmy Chin (Free Solo), Beverly Joubert, Aaron Huey, Acacia Johnson,  Anand Varma, Annie Griffiths, Bertie Gregory, Brent Stirton, Charlie Hamilton James, David Doubilet, Danielle Zalcman, David Liittschwager, Jasper Doest, Katie Orlinsky, Keith Ladzinski, Kirsten Luce, Jody Macdonald, Melissa Farlow, Michael Yamashita, Randy Olson, Vince Musi and many other photographers you’ll want to know. Earlier this fall, Ami reached out to us with her idea for this print sale, and we jumped at the chance to help her host the sale on a PhotoShelter website. We’re proud to support Ami and this amazing cause.

100% of net proceeds will support core Conservation International initiatives. 

There’s also a huge incentive to buy right now.

All prints will sell for $250 until Black Friday (Nov. 27). After Nov. 27, the price will increase 10%, bringing the cost per print to $275.

Cover image by Florian Ledoux.

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