Photo Twitter Weighs In: How Did You Get Your Start in Photography?

Photo Twitter Weighs In: How Did You Get Your Start in Photography?

We all start somewhere. Whether it was a high school darkroom or a simple spark of curiosity on a morning walk, every photographer has an initial moment that led them here.

We recently asked our creative community of photographers on Twitter how they got their start. The stories they shared range from sweet to heartbreaking, simple to powerful – and they remind us just how special photography truly is.

Read through their responses below and let us know your origin story. How did you get your start in photography? Tweet @photoshelter and we’ll add it to the list!

Where does your story begin? Let us know what moment jump started your passion for photography. Share your memories on Twitter and tag us so we can see (@photoshelter)!

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  1. Lonnie L Paulson at 7:14 pm

    I have been in photography since 1969. We only had film photography then. I first got interested in photography in the 9th grade. I took a photography class. What excited me the most was working in the darkroom and developing my own black-and-white film and making black-and-white prints. In the early 1970’s I developed my own color film and made prints. So the darkroom first got me interested.

    My first photography job was working as a Photo Technician for the Geo. A. Hormel Company in its in-house photography department. I got my photography degree from Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. If any young people out there reading this, check that school out. Through the years I bought all kinds of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment etc. I had a photo studio and darkroom and freelanced. I also worked for a catalog photography studio. Now I am shooting digital. The photographic process is different with digital, but I believe better. I still like film though.

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