Podcast: Are You Doing the Instagram Photo Dump?

Podcast: Are You Doing the Instagram Photo Dump?

Instagram is known for being a highly curated destination for photos and video, but a new trend has emerged at the end of the month when users dump all the content they didn’t post into a single carousel with no cohesive theme. The end-of-month dump is the new photo album? Sarah and Allen discuss the sociological phenomenon.

Also: It’s deja vu with COVID-19 images emerging from the calamity in India, the “Disaster Girl” meme photo sells as a NFT for $500k, Stephanie Hueon Tung writes about Asian-American erasure from the California Gold Rush, and a gorgeous photo of a family making dumplings nets Li Huaifeng the Photographer of the Year 2021 .

We mention the following photographers, articles, and websites in this episode:

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