Unfold, Unsplash, Unpaid! Ryan James Caruthers Rejects Exploitation

Unfold, Unsplash, Unpaid! Ryan James Caruthers Rejects Exploitation

Unfold, a layout templating app owned by Squarespace, contacted queer photographer Ryan James Caruthers to use 12 of his photos for a Pride Month Instagram feature. When he asked for compensation and to not exploit him especially for Pride, one of the co-founders responded that “I strongly disagree with the sentiment that any effort that doesn’t include a dollar sign is ‘exploitative.'”

After a flurry of reshares and negative press, Unfold reconsidered their position, apologized, and announced that they would be compensating photographers in the future.

Also: Photojournalist Alicia Vera pens an op/ed in the Washington Post about being sexually harassed by David Alan Harvey, the NYT hires 15 photographers under 25 to photograph NYC in the month of May, Instagram sheds some light on their algorithm, and iOS 15 will finally allow you to block exes from appearing in your photo memories.

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