Free Portfolio Review Opportunity with a Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner

Free Portfolio Review Opportunity with a Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner

Few things in photography are as impactful as a portfolio review. They provide assurance, offer tips for improvement and can put your work into perspective.

We’re hosting a free portfolio review webinar with photojournalist Essdras M. Suarez on July 16th at 12pm ET.

Essdras is a two-time Pulitzer Prizewinner and Nikon Z7 influencer who’s been published by the New York Times, Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and more. And just like us, he’s on a mission to help fellow photographers get hired. 

Last October, we hosted a free portfolio review with Essdras and it was such a huge hit we’re bringing it back! Join us as we review anonymous photos and explain the key elements of composition, what needs adjustment and how to take photos that catch the eyes of photo directors and editors. 

What we’ll cover:

  • Key differences between successful vs unsuccessful photos
  • Choosing and properly editing the right frame 
  • An explanation of concepts like visual anchors and points of escape

Sign up today and submit your photo for a chance to be featured during the live webinar. (Note: All submissions will be kept anonymous.)

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