Our Most Popular 3 Webinars of 2021

Our Most Popular 3 Webinars of 2021

This year, we made it a point to learn and explore with a deep sense of curiosity. One of the best places to do that was with our webinars, where we discussed how the photo industry can better support Black photographers, traded business advice with a freelance pro and learned why, for some, luck is a state of mind.

Below we’re sharing our top three most popular webinars of the year. Featuring photo powerhouses Caroline Gutman, Joanie Simon and Ami Vitale, learn how to capture action more successfully with a stellar live demo, explore the formula that’ll help you take your visual storytelling to the next level and hear how photography can be used to effect social and environmental change.

From everyone here at PhotoShelter, we’re thrilled to have been able to host such wonderful conversations and can’t wait for next year’s!

Visual Storytelling Masterclass with Caroline Gutman

When it comes to visual storytelling, there are several key components to keep in mind to ensure you and your images make the most impact.

We sat down with Philly-based photojournalist Caroline Gutman for a visual storytelling masterclass. She shared a bit of her personal story and outlined why light, composition, moment and emotion make the perfect recipe for a successful image.

Watch the entire on-demand recording here and be sure to tweet any lingering questions to @photoshelter.

Watch to learn: 

  • The core elements of successful visual storytelling
  • Strategies for bringing emotion, variety and narrative structures into your work
  • How to use your own personal experiences and passions to tell more compelling stories

How to Capture Action with Joanie Simon

With the right amount of practice and preparation, a stunning action shot is within reach – even when you’re on your own at home. Get the right set up and you’ll be making magic in no time.

We teamed up with Joanie Simon, commercial/editorial food photographer and YouTuber (check out her channel, The Bite Shot) for a live demonstration at her home studio in Arizona. 

Joanie walked us through the necessary steps for expertly freezing motion on camera then answered all your questions about her process and the gear she used along the way. 

Watch the entire on-demand recording here and be sure to tweet any lingering questions to @photoshelter.

Watch to learn: 

  • How to set up and photograph an action shot without an assistant 
  • Perfecting the test shot before it’s officially go-time
  • Ideas for props and accessories to help you get the perfect photo  
  • Other helpful tips from Joanie’s new book, Picture Perfect Food

Ami Vitale on Using Photography to Effect Change

For Ami Vitale, courage has been at the core of her career in the photo industry – the courage to get out there, learn and grow as a photographer, and courage to tell important stories that can make a real impact on our planet.

We sat down with Ami, National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador, to see how she uses visual storytelling to raise awareness for the animals and communities she photographs.

Now we’re sharing this inspiring talk with you.

Watch to learn about: 

  • Ami’s transition from conflict photographer to her passion for photographing wildlife and environmental causes
  • How she uses photos and storytelling to make an impact on wildlife and our environment 
  • How to use your own photography to create change

You can check out all of our 2021 webinars in the “Recorded Webinars” section of our blog.

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