The Associated Press Wants To Sell You An NFT

The Associated Press Wants To Sell You An NFT

Still think NFTs are some fringe idea? Yesterday the Associated Press announced that it will start selling NFTs of some of its iconic images at the end of the month. What will the market bear for photojournalism NFTs? Only time will tell.

Also in this episode: Getty Images recaps some of its photographers work on the anniversary of the January 6 Insurrection, Reuter’s Leah Mills does the same on Twitter, NYC Mayor Eric Adams shares an portrait of his mom in a brandy snifter, Greg Miller has a new photo podcast, Instagram is testing chronological feeds, and the James Webb Space Telescope has successfully deployed its mirrors which will allow it to take the best space images EVER.

We mention the following photographers, articles, and websites in this episode:

Cover photo by Allen Murabayashi

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