Take Advantage of This Online Portfolio Review Opportunity

Take Advantage of This Online Portfolio Review Opportunity

Each photographer’s trajectory and point of view is unique to only them. But one experience remains fairly universal no matter your journey: the portfolio review. 

On Wednesday, July 27th at 12pm ET, we’re hosting an exclusive online portfolio review with award-winning photographer and PhotoShelter member Chris Parkes. Through a series of anonymously submitted photos from the PhotoShelter community, we’re reviewing photos on the fly, discussing what makes some images more successful than others and sharing insights about how to improve your own body of work. 

Join to learn: 

  • Lessons in composition and cropping
  • Suggestions about which photos to include in a portfolio (and which you should leave out) 
  • Tips on editing your work and preparing for a review
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Strategies for how to approach feedback and/or criticism

Register today and join us for this special conversation. 

Interested in having one of your images reviewed? Submit your photo for a chance to be included in our live review. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

NOTE: This review was originally scheduled for June 29th but has been rescheduled for July 27th.

About Chris

Chris Parkes’ diverse skill, developed over 23 years of photography, has taken him from documenting hailstorms in the UK, to recording the experiences of those affected by conflict in north-east Nigeria. His intimate storytelling makes people the agents of their own stories, and his eye-catching images have helped a wide range of national and international organizations bring their stories to life. His clients include Polartec, The Seal Project, Reward Gateway and many more.

He sees visual storytelling as the bridge between empathy and change. Chris believes photographers have a moral obligation to depict the stories they tell with dignity and that the enduring popularity of photography makes it one of the core mediums in creating a fairer world.

Passionate about mentorship and giving back, Chris was also featured in our mentorship guide, Photography Mentorship: Why You Need it and Why it Helps Everyone, and was a mentor in PhotoShelter’s pilot mentorship program.

Join us on Wednesday, July 27th at 12pm ET!

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