Live Webinar: The Anatomy of a Multimedia Video Project with Corey Rich

Live Webinar: The Anatomy of a Multimedia Video Project with Corey Rich

Corey Rich is a visual storyteller, which sounds like a simple concept – but Corey takes it to a whole new level. For over two decades, clients have sought out Corey for images that are startling, wild, and memorable. As the commercial and advertising worlds have largely turned to multimedia, Corey has been there to provide them with compelling video. Whether it’s Nike, The North Face, Apple, or any other client, he uses his passion for photography and storytelling to create truly striking visuals.

In this live webinar, Corey Rich will speak with PhotoShelter Co-Founder Grover Sanschagrin on “The Anatomy of a Multimedia Video Project”. Corey and Grover will dissect one of Corey’s recent video productions front start to finish, and talk about how photographers make the transition to motion and tell a complete story with video. This is a unique opportunity to get Corey’s behind-the-scenes stories and see how one of the top photographers creates a lasting impression with one minutes of video.

Before you attend the webinar, be sure to watch the TV commercial Corey recently shot for the State of New Mexico. This is the video that Corey and Grover will discuss frame-by-frame. Note: there will be no video shown during the live event, so please watch the following video beforehand:

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