Barnstorm XIX

Barnstorm XIX

I just got back from Jeffersonville, NY, the site of Barnstorm XIX: The Eddie Adams Workshop. If you’re not already familiar with the workshop, it’s an annual four-day event that brings together some of the best students and young professionals along with industry heavies like Todd Heisler, Chris Hondros, Bill Frakes, Vincent Laforet, Kristen Ashburn, and many more.

Eddie Adams started the workshop as a way to give back to the community, and even after his death, it’s going stronger than ever. In addition to a number of lectures, each student is given an assignment to shoot over the course of two days. Their take is edited with the help of top notch editors from around the country like Michelle McNally and Nancy Andrews. It’s truly inspiring to see the depth of story telling that these photographers accomplish in such a non-descript area as Sullivan County.

Recent additions to the workshop include the creation of Multimedia projects spearheaded by Brian Storm of MediaStorm. You can see a lot of the student work in the upcoming weeks by heading over to

Jason, Grover and I are all alumni, so it was great to go back and be in that environment. In addition to providing on-going technical support, we also gave everyone PhotoShelter lanyards. It was cool to see everyone running around with the lanyards hanging from their necks.

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