The Wild Pics of Andy Biggs

The Wild Pics of Andy Biggs

© 2007 Andy Biggs

We get a lot of calls from photographers during the course of the week inquiring about PhotoShelter and whether it will suit their needs. In some cases the conversations are brief, and in all honesty, sometimes we don’t even catch their names.

I have a brief recollection of speaking with a photographer that told me he was traveling to Africa and shooting wildlife, and it sounded like PhotoShelter would be a good fit for what he wanted to do. I hung up the phone and went on with my day, figuring we’d see some images in the future.

Earlier this month, Grover and I walked into David Schloss’s inaugural AUPN party, and I looked up at the presentation screen to see some remarkable images from Africa. I mean absolutely stunning. And it turns out that the images were created by Andy Biggs, the same guy who had spoken to me months earlier.

We started chatting it up and he showed me some pretty awesome things he was doing with imprinting images on pieces of metal. And then the conversation turned to fotoQuote, his website and future projects.

So even though Andy is a PhotoShelter user with a customized site, he is a amazing photographer and great guy, and if you like cool wildlife photography, then check him out. He’s set up most of his images for sale as self-fulfilled prints and rights-managed licensing with fotoQuote.

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