Flashlight Portraits!

Flashlight Portraits!


Emiliano Granado just send over a portrait he shot for Mass Appeal, with the use of flashlight. I’m fascinated by using a flashlight as a primary light source after seeing that awesome Brea Souders Scarlett image. What kind of industrial-strength flashlights are you all using? Send me your flashlight portraits, I’ll try to post them all.

Remember Gary Schneider’s flashlight portraits? Loved those.

Dennis, 2000

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  1. rolo at 12:52 am

    I’ve seen work kinda like this shot with video lights, but flashlights? I’m with you: what big, honkin’ flashlights are these folks using? I also assume the lights are gelled to approximate daylight (knocking the light down by about two stops), otherwise the subjects would look mighty yellow. Does a monstrous construction site spotlight count as a flashlight?

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