Landon Nordeman Sleeps at the Museum

Landon Nordeman Sleeps at the Museum

I guess Ben Stiller wasn’t kidding when he made a movie about kids sleeping at the Museum of Natural History; they really do that! Boy, am I out of it.

I got several emails yesterday pointing me to natural history museum pictures (all excellent), and I also searched PS’s archive; I found myself awfully charmed by Landon Nordeman’s Sleepover series.

Children = innocence and wonder, etc. Lovely.









Nordeman has tons of great work; check it out.


Here is the most charming email I got regarding the AMNH:

hey there, rachel…

i was inspired to email you because of your taxidermy mention recently. i figured you would know the work Bettina Rheims did back when i was a kid, nineteen eighties, and her series “animals’ is
pretty amazing stuff. i was familiarized to her work through an
inspired style assignment i had last year at school. Colorado Mountain College, i am still in my
infancy as a wannabe photographer. polaroid type 55 is cool stuff and
i wish i could do more of it. here is my feeble attempt at copy-catting. my teacher didn’t like the
teeth. he wanted them to be sharp. i think i got a b.

anyways, i
thought you might enjoy.

p.s. flyfishing is all the rage…..check it out.

Copi B. Vojta


I think the teeth make the picture.
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