Embeddable Galleries & Vincent Laforet

Embeddable Galleries & Vincent Laforet

In a previous post, I encouraged you to take one of Vincent Laforet’s photos. PhotoShelter has a cool tool whereby you can embed a photo into a blog, MySpace page, or webpage — then other people can come along and put it in their pages.

Instead of spending all your time marketing your work, why not let your fans do it for you?

Vince is a progressive guy, and he also is a strong supporter of photographer education. So he took the concept and ran with it. So a few days ago, he announced the creation of a student scholarship that will be funded, in part, by print sales from his site. And one way that he’s spreading the word is to put a widget of his work out there:

So as I encouraged you before, I’m doing it again. Take this gallery and spread it around. And buy a print not only because they are fantastic photos, but because it’s going to help out a student in a very positive way.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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