PhotoShelter Covers Election Night

One of the cool things about having so many photographers using PhotoShelter is that at any given time, you can expect many of them to be covering the same event. Of course, on November 4th, it was the elections. But more than just plain ‘ole political coverage, the PhotoShelter family shoots in styles as diverse as our members.

Andrew Kaufman
shot election results in Miami.

Keith Bedford shot the Obama acceptance speech in Grant Park.

Ralf-Finn Hestoft was also in Grant Park and got a very cool picture of the bullet-proof glass being installed.

Jeremy Hogan covered the festivities in Bloomington, IN.

Darren Hauck got some great crowd reaction in Chicago.

David Brabyn was in New York’s Times Square as people watched on the large jumbotron.

Antonio Dickey was in Grant Park too!

Did you shoot something? Let us know!

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