Yawn…These Peter Funch Pictures are (Almost) Amazing!

I’m not a big proponent of photo manipulation because I have a lot of respect for photojournalists and other photographers who’s skill is a the point of capture. On the other hand, I’m really digging these photos from Peter Funch’s Babel Tales. Peter spent some time in New York, and sat around taking photos of people doing the same thing on the same street corners. Then he artfully composited the shots to make cool panoramics of everyday, boring stuff.


Photo by Peter Funch

They say yawning is contagious…Eight people simultaneously yawning, including the Hasidic guy? Love it.

Ok, so maybe it’s not photojournalism, but he has really nice composition with his composites, and I wouldn’t mind having one of these babies on my wall.


Photo by Peter Funch


Photo by Peter Funch


Photo by Peter Funch

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