Focus On Your Passion: Tim Mantoani Webinar

Focus On Your Passion: Tim Mantoani Webinar

The guy is a case study on photographing for the love of it. He’s constantly traveling around the country and world with cameras of different shapes and sizes, and approaching people to take their portraits for personal projects. He once traveled to Italy and visited his ancestral town, and strolled into a bar, and had his guide ask if there were any Mantoanis around. Sure enough, two Mantaonis identified themselves, and he pulled out the softbox that he was traveling with and took some killer portraits.

Of course, if you know of Tim, you probably know about his on-going “Behind Photographs” project. Tim has photographed over 100 portraits on a 20″x24″ Polaroid of famous photographers holding prints of their most iconic photographs. It’s a veritable time capsule of 20th century photography and photographers.


Lastly, I was very moved by the story of Tim’s own battle with cancer, and how that experience shaped his attitude towards photography and life. You definitely need to watch this one…

Here are the slides from the presentation:

Focus On Your Passion: Finding Yourself in Photography

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the instructional video that is referenced in the presentation Tim created with Dean Collins and Bill Holshevnikoff, you can visit the Software Cinema website and look for “3 Dimensional Contrast.”

What is YOUR dream photo project? Please add to this story by leaving your comments below.

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  1. Melanie (MeRy71) at 9:13 am

    My dreamprojects: * PURE. Proud teenmoms, about getting respect for young mothers [as they chose LIFE] …hope one day to be able to do a follow up (+ new book) with the 79 [Dutch] mothers of all colour. The book’s filled witg 79 100% Photoshop free nude portraits. * Trash The Dress mass photo event, in like the water of Niagara Falls 🙂 09-09-’09 me and my husband organised [the first worlwide!] a Trash The Dress with over 99 brides on the Scheveningen Beach, almost 165 women ran into the sea with their wedding dresses, marvelous! It gave them energy, a boost, happiness and I’d love to give more women this. * Being able to make more extraordinary portraits like Red-On-Red, with natural redheads whom normally won’t pose dressed in red, against a bright red background. It made them proud of their colour hair (beaing a ‘ginger’ is fab!) * Experiment some more, like infraRED (redhead portraits in infrared to see what this does to red colour, wreckles and pale skin) * Last but not least: doing a series bout Dutch emigrants in Australia. Greetz, Mel

  2. Peter Hoffas at 12:22 am

    Foster parents always get a bad rap in films. They are portrayed as abusers (physical & sexual), lazy, unfit, drug users, and unloving. I have never seen a positive portrayal of a foster parent on television. I am sure most of them are the opposite of how they are portrayed in films. My parents were foster parents and the children they cared for were literally rescued from the negative environments described above. Perhaps a photo book project with their stories and why they do what they do?

  3. Shawn M. Knox at 10:55 pm

    Very inspirational webinar from a photographer that is one of my favorites, particularly in regards to his work with athletes which is my main area of focus. Thanks Photoshelter for this great resource!

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