Friday Shout-Outs, and The End Of The World

From what I understand, this could be the last Friday Shout-Outs because this could be the last Friday in human civilization. With the end of the world scheduled for tomorrow, it’s only right that we start out by giving you a visual preview of what’s coming.

(But, just in case we will all live to shoot another day, there are still a few non-Rapture Shout-Outs.)

Shout-Outs are a regular Friday thing, and you can be part of it, too, assuming the world doesn’t implode around us sometime tomorrow. Send us suggestions! If we think it’s worth shouting about, it will show up here in the blog on a Friday. To submit something, scroll to the bottom to see how.

A few PhotoShelter members actually have images in their archive that illustrate what it will look like when the world ends. You can use these images as a handy guide to identifying The Rapture.

Austria-based photographer Markus Gmeiner created a series of images titled “The End of the World,” including this one taken on a beach in Portugal.

This composite photo by photographer Andy Dierks shows what it would look like if the world ended by flooding.

Georgia-based photographer Timothy Hale shows off his mad Photoshop skills with this world-ending asteroid strike on the city of Atlanta.

If you wanted to see what your city would look like in a similar dire situation, you can learn how to Create Dramatic Meteor and Burning City Effect in Photoshop on

Wilhelm Westergren is a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium with a cool series of images called “Architecture Diptychs” where he takes architecture images and matches them with images of the human female body.

Nice idea. I hope there’s more to come in this series.

Rick Osentoski, an Ohio-based photographer who specializes in sports, food, and lifestyle photography, recently covered a high-profile soccer game: the USA Women’s National Team playing Japan at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

Rick’s extra challenge come in the form of new team uniforms, which meant he couldn’t just concentrate on game action, he also had to make sure he shot a picture of every single member of the team in their new uniform.

I am always looking for things to include here in our Friday Shout-Outs – so if you have anything you think is worthy, let me know. One great way to do that is to post a note to Twitter with my name in it (@heygrover), and that way I won’t forget it later. Don’t have Twitter? Email me: grover-at-photoshelter-dot-com.

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