Starting Your Photo Business – Webinar Recording

Starting Your Photo Business – Webinar Recording


On Friday, we added another webinar to our Student series with MAC-on-Campus. The topic was starting your photo business, and instead of just getting advice from the “experts,” we interviewed the six most recent College Photographers of the Year to try to get a sense of what these young photograhers have struggled with to grow their business, and what has helped them thrive.

Our expert panel included Matt “Tax Ninja” Whatley, John Harrington, author of Best Business Practices for Photographers, Greg Smith from the NPPA and Frank Meo of Meo Represents. The College Photographers of the Year included Casey Templeton (CPOY 2005), Luceo ImagesMatt Eich (CPOY 2006), Travis Dove (CPOY 2007), Tim Hussin (CPOY 2008), Ryan Henriksen (2009), and Rachel Mummey (2010).

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