Friday Shout-Outs, Riots and Celebrations

There’s nothing like a nice riot to get photogs busy, and this week we get a close-up view of one. We also check out a website so cool that I had to invent an award for it on the spot. A little Father’s Day love and SPF protection thrown in for good measure, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff make up today’s Shout-Outs.

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When the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals on June 15, all hell broke loose in Vancouver. Rioters looted stores, overturned cars, set fires, and smashed windows.

Of course, at least two PhotoShelter members were there, documenting it all.

Karen Ducey, a Seattle-based freelance photographer shot some dramatic moments of the action.

Lung Liu
, a photographer based out of Surrey, British Columbia, was also there, in the thick of it – getting close to the burning fires and fired-up fans.


Not only does Jeffrey Murray create amazing landscape and cityscape portraits, but he’s also got a really tricked-out website to market and sell them.

Below each image, he includes additional information about the print being ordered, and a really obvious way to buy the image in several different ways (as a print, as a license through Aurora Images, or as a book — which he sells himself using one of the custom pages in his PhotoShelter website.


I hereby award him with the “Super Awesome Use of PhotoShelter of the Month Award”. (Yes, I just made that up.)


Todd Bigelow isn’t just a great photographer, he’s also a great dad. Rather than wait for the Father’s Day gifts to roll in, he gave himself his own by putting together a gallery of images he’s taken of his son, Casey.

“Fathers Day is all about reflecting on the time spent with my son,” he said.


Kudos to Todd for spending so much quality time with his son.


Did you know that the FDA released new rules for sunscreen? Well, Chip Litherland did – and he wasted no time putting together a gallery of great images to illustrate the story. He had the gallery up on his website immediately after the announcement was made.

Litherland is a Florida-based freelance photographer who shoots editorial, travel and weddings. I never get tired of looking at his images.


I’ve seen photos from the Holi Festivals of India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka before, where people are covered in colorful powder and water – but I’ve never seen a photo of a photographer after the event. Until now.

Gavin Gough, an independent freelance travel photographer currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, covered the annual Spring festival in India and included a photo of himself (looking colorful yet exhausted) at the end.

His images from the event are really beautiful, too.


Derek Knight says he’s always been drawn to water, going back to his childhood as he spent summers on the coast of Co. Wexford, in Ireland.

In “The Swimmers“, he took a step back into his personal history and shot images of the places he frequented as a child – that are still very much in use by people today.


I really like Derek’s perspective and creative vision in these images. It also reminds of me of my childhood summers on Long Island. I think it’s cool that, as photographers, we can return to that special place from our childhood, and document it as it is today.


An image of Japanese Macaque monkeys by Tokyo-based photographer Martin Bailey is currently being used in a promotion campaign by X-Rite.

Bailey, a member of the prestigious X-Rite Coloratti, also hosts a weekly photography Podcast, and he also runs an active photography forum.



I am always looking for things to include here in our Friday Shout-Outs – so if you have anything you think is worthy, let me know. One great way to do that is to post a note to Twitter with my name in it (@heygrover), and that way I won’t forget it later. Don’t have Twitter? Email me: grover-at-photoshelter-dot-com.

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