The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint

The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint

We’re excited to launch a new, free downloadable guide today – The Freelancer‘s Online Marketing Blueprint.

freelancer-kit-cover-blog2.jpgUnlike our 11 previous business e-books, this one does a few things differently:

  1. We’re sharing our online marketing advice with creative freelancers of all stripes, not just photographers. 
  2. We’ve also invited contributions from a bunch of experts we envy because they’re much smarter than we are. So, inside you’ll find online marketing commentary from SEOmoz, Emma, Marketing Mentor, and Conversion Rate Experts.    
  3. This one is reaaaalllly long…weighing in at a hearty 53 pages of smart marketing strategy. Our best advice is not to conquer it all in one sitting.   

Freelancers are constantly challenged to balance self promotion with the demands of client projects in order to keep growing their businesses. Usually, when one priority needs attention, the other falls to the wayside. That’s no way to run a sustainable business.  So, we decided to write this e-book to teach freelancers how to use the latest online marketing tactics to create a constant pipeline of new client opportunities. It’s packed full of “how to” research, lots of tools, and actionable strategies that freelancers can implement immediately.

Bottom line – this guide is essential reading if you care about generating more project work.

Download The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint.

Here’s the full table of contents:

I. Key Marketing Concepts

  • Managing Your Time
  • Return on Investment
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Conversion
  • The Internet Marketing Funnel
  • Your Online Footprint
  • Always be Testing
  • “Reasons to Get Obsessed with Conversion Rate Optimization” by Ben Jesson and Dr. Karl Banks of Conversion Rate Experts

II. Gathering Leads & Turning Them Into Sales

  • Building Your Leads List
  • Converting Leads to Clients
  • Lead Generation Examples
  • “I Have Leads! Uh, Now What?” by Suzanne Norman of Emma

III. How a Website Gets You Work (SEO)

  • How Search Engines Can Help
  • Attracting Visitors from Search Engines
  • SEO Factors – On Page
  • SEO Factors – Off Page
  • Other Factors Impacting SEO
  • The Value of Content
  • Do This! SEO Tactics to Apply Immediately
  • Your Blog’s Role in the Marketing Mix
  • “A Guide to Innovative Content Types” by Tom Critchlow for SEOmoz

IV. Growing Your Business With Social Media

  • Develop Your Social Media Workflow
  • Engagement vs. Self Promotion
  • Look for the Tribes
  • Look for the Influencers
  • Customize the Experience
  • “3 Steps to Becoming an Expert (in the eyes of your clients)” by Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor

V. Driving New Business With PPC Advertising

  • Google AdWords Tips
  • Facebook Advertising Tips

VI. Making Smart Marketing Decisions

  • Measuring Performance
  • Basic Testing Strategy
  • Google’s URL Builder for Tracking Campaigns

VII. Putting It All Together

VIII.Tools We Love

IX. Community Sites & Marketplaces     

X. Special Offers and Links from our Awesome Contributors

Ok, stop messing around. If you’re a freelancer and you want to get serious about your online marketing, check out The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint now. 

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