Negotiating with Clients Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Negotiating with Clients Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

A majority of the photographers I know absolutely hate to negotiate with clients, and often find themselves suffering through an unfair arrangement as a result of their poor negotiations skills. Negotiating your way to a win-win scenario can be a common experience if you’re prepared.

Blake Discher
is a Detroit-based freelance photographer, specializing in editorial, advertising, annual reports, and portraits. In his many years as an independent freelancer, he’s developed a system of processes and tactics for negotiating with his clients. When he talks to clients, he’s prepared – and this makes all the difference.

Blake is a regular conference speaker. During the ASMP Strictly Business 3 traveling seminar, I attended his presentation about negotiating and estimating. It was impressive because it took the mystery and dread out of the process, and added a simple clarity to what always seems like such murky territory.

I asked Blake if he would be willing to give a version of that presentation in the form of a PhotoShelter webinar, and he agreed. The webinar was recorded and is available here (above.)

You can get more of this type of information from Blake by going to his blog about negotiating and web marketing. You can also following him on Twitter at @bdischer.

Sales and marketing skills don’t come naturally to most photographers, and they’re much more comfortable making the images, not selling them. For this reason the PhotoShelter Research Department has come up with a series of free resources, including “The Photographer’s Guide to Selling like a Pro“, where five veteran salesman from other industries reveal sales techniques you can use to improve your photo business.

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