Photos Out an Airplane Window on Paul Smith

Photos Out an Airplane Window on Paul Smith

I like the British. I mean sometimes they can be ornery, but it’s all in good fun, and I blame it on the fog.

Another thing I like about the British is clothing designer Paul Smith. I’ve wandered into his stores in New York on more than one occasion and have always been fascinated by his predilection with photography. There is significant shelf space dedicated to photo books (many collector items) as well as Lomos and other knickknacks. When I queried the shopkeeper about it, he simply replied that Paul is a big fan of photography.

Good enough for me.


So it’s not so surprising that he’s selling limited edition photos on his website. In this case, it’s creative director cum photographer, Alan Aboud’s (who has worked with Paul Smith professionally) images shot out of an airplane window.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You taken the same picture before. Everyone has. But these are quite nice, and maybe you should just have a looksy before passing judgement. And if you don’t like them, and think you can do better? Well heck, you have a PhotoShelter account, sell them!

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