Fish, Weddings, and World Travels: September Photographer Profiles

Every month, we like to profile a few members who are doing stellar work and using PhotoShelter’s websites and business tools in unique ways.

This month’s profiles take us from Florida to Dublin and Malaysia. We loved learning about their different approaches to their specialties and how they got there, and of course, the different ways that PhotoShelter supports their businesses.

Check em out:

white_image1.jpgJimmy White, a Florida-based lawyer gone full-time photographer with a love for all things under the sea.

solas_image2.jpgMegan and James Horan of Solas Weddings, a fun-loving husband and wife wedding photographer team from Dublin, Ireland.

Malaysia-based photographer Matt Brandon, a digital trekker traveling the world teaching local NGO workers the photography skills they need to tell their stories.

See the full slate of PhotoShelter member profiles.

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