Video Interview with Sports Illustrated’s DOP

Video Interview with Sports Illustrated’s DOP

Steve Fine, the legendary Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated, doesn’t waste time sugar-coating things – he has an opinion and he knows what he wants. Having been at SI for over fifteen years, Steve has amassed a lot of entertaining stories that he shares with us in this interview, as well as a ton of incredible sports photography and insights into what photo buyers want.

Check out this live video recording with Steve Fine and PhotoShelter & Sports Shooter Co-Founder Grover Sanschagrin. You’ll learn:

  • How SI “builds” photographs to captivate their audience
  • Why Steve looks for important subtleties in SI’s photos
  • What SI expects from its staff and freelance photographers

Steve is a straight-shooter and his presentations are not for the faint of heart. When asked what photographers can do to make photo editors’ lives easier, he responded…. Well, we’ll let you listen for yourself.


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  1. Jenny Gavin-Wear at 11:21 am

    This is a great video. Really interesting to learn how things work at the high end. The photographs were fantastic and show what needs to be attained. However, what was missing was how to get to this level.
    If you want to consider a follow up article to this, how to make money from local sports would help a lot more photographers!

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