10 Photo Gifts Photographers DON’T Want to Receive This Holiday Season

10 Photo Gifts Photographers DON’T Want to Receive This Holiday Season

Every holiday season, the Internet explodes with gift guides for everyone on your list: mom, dad, cat-lover, dog-lover, foodie, car enthusiast, gadget geek – and of course, photographer.

When we started shopping for the photographers on our lists, we found that for every camera, lens, bag, etc. that they’d love, there were also some pretty nonsensical — some might even say bizarre — photo gifts out there.

So instead of publishing yet another gift list (you find some great ones at B&H, Adorama, dpreview, etc.), here are the 10 photo gifts we bet photographers don’t want to receive this holiday season. Happy gagging!

Photorito Lens Wrap – $20

We don’t know about you, but every time we pack our lenses for travel, we think, this would all be a lot more enjoyable if the case looked like a burrito. So imagine our delight when we came across Photojojo’s “photorito” lens wrap! The case has over 3,300 likes on Facebook, so you know it must be tasty.

Photo via Photojojo

Photo Ties – $29.95

This concept is pretty simple: upload a photo and they’ll print it on a tie for you. What better way to market your photography than to wear it around your neck!

Photo via zazzle.com

Camera Fan – $9

One of the worst things that can happen to photographers is not having enough random toys and gadgets to show off the fact that you are a photographer. Prove it to them during the hot summer months with this camera fan – simply remove the  lens and reveal the miniature fan to cool them down. Viola!

Photo via brando.com

Sling Shot Cam – $?

You know when you’re taking portraits, and your subjects don’t give you the best “I’m scared!” reaction? Thank goodness for Sling Shot Cam – it makes taking pictures of your startled subjects more fun and authentic! The slingshot doesn’t actually shoot anything, so don’t worry about causing any harm. The strings are equipped to sense the vibrations and activate the shutter. Then the small preview screen lets you see the frightened faces of your subject. Perfect for original kids’ portraits.

Photo via Yanko Design

Doggie Camera Pattern T-Shirt – $10.99

Make sure your pet pooch is outfitted with this stylish camera coat. Just beware that if you have a golden-colored dog, the bright yellow might clash a bit. That’s the  price you pay for high fashion.

Photo via CheePet/Amazon.com

Vintage Camera Bookends – $73

With these camera-themed bookends, you pretty much have no excuse to avoid organizing your bookshelf. What’s that you say? You don’t buy books anymore? You read everything online or on your tablet? Well, then  keep them around so you remember to tell you grandkids stories about how things used to be printed and there were companies who thrived off the print publication industry. Now that’s vintage!

Photo via Universal Lighting and Decor/Amazon.com

Retro Camera Card Sleeve – $?

You can’t fit your DSLR in your pocket, so your next best option is to carry around this card sleeve printed with an image of a “retro” camera. Because film cameras are considered retro now, it seems.

Photo via TheCuriousCaseLLC/Etsy.com

Caught on Camera Tape Dispense (no longer available)

Place this tape dispenser next to your desk and look longingly at its realistic wooden body while you edit, thinking, “I could be shooting with such a beauty instead of stuck inside staring at it next to my computer screen for hours on end.”


Photo via ModCloth

Leopard Camera Strap – $35.99

For the feisty photographer in your life!

Photo via precision-camera.com

“Keep Calm and Instagram” Poster – $15

The “Keep Calm” poster phenomenon started as “Keep Calm and Carry On” and exploded from there (Keep Calm and Stay Strong, Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake, Keep Calm and Love Dogs, Keep Calm and Love Elvis, etc.). So it makes perfect sense that someone would think to add “Keep Calm and Instagram” to the list. What better to do in a crisis than document it with your phone, apply an art filter, and share it with your entire network?

Photo via Luulla

What gag gifts did we miss this year? Would you ever buy one of the above products for your photographer friends? Let us know in the comments!
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