Why Online Art Galleries Like 20×200 Are Good News for Photographers

Why Online Art Galleries Like 20×200 Are Good News for Photographers

Jen Bekman is one cool chick – she wants you to consume art, and to make it easier for you, she started a little online business called 20×200 to bring a well-curated selection of editioned photos and art to you at very reasonable prices.

And because it’s all online – from viewing to selecting to purchasing your print – it removes that pretentious attitude you get walking into many galleries. For photographers, her model means more opportunity for up-and-coming photographers to sell their work to a broad audience.

We think that’s pretty awesome. So we asked Jen to speak at our Luminance 2012 conference in September, and you can watch that fine video here:

Then a few weeks later, I saw that 20×200 had an awesome William Wegman print available. But this was no normal print – it was actually a contact sheet from a roll of 120 that Wegman shot of his dog. So I bought it, and it arrived very well packed.

And inside was the lovely print of “Fay on the Dock.”

I stopped by the 20×200 offices a few weeks ago in Soho, and had a nice chance to chat business and photography with Jen. And then a few days later, I received a box in the mail. (This begins the bragging section of the post.)

And inside the box:

A very cute Jane Mount “Ideal Bookshelf” print. Perhaps I should put this on my bookshelf to cover my not-so-ideal Tom Clancy books (which are not actually written by Tom Clancy).

This is all to say that you probably need more art in your life. So support artists and companies that support artists like 20×200. The left side of your brain will thank you.

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