Video Interview with Master Photo Retoucher Amy Dresser

Video Interview with Master Photo Retoucher Amy Dresser

Master photo retoucher Amy Dresser may have gotten her start with famed photographer Jill Greenberg, but today she works for a whole host of clients from Playboy to Barbie. And while her talents are in high demand, Amy humbly claims her work is relatively simple: remove what might be distracting, then pull the channels up and down to see if things will look more interesting with a different color direction.

In this video, Amy also talks about the quick color adjustments, masking, cloning, painting, laying…and more that she does (quick meaning 2+ hours and 10 layers for a simple portrait) including refining, shaping, pumping, or sculpting a subject’s face. She specializes in both human and animal faces, as well as some pretty amazing illustrations, so check out her video interview below for more!

Note that this is not a step-by-step retouching tutorial by Amy. Instead, Amy humorously gives us some insight into her thinking: why she chose to take the photographs in one direction versus another and what techniques she thought were appropriate for the shot.

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  2. Kristian Peters at 12:47 pm

    I missed the webinar because of 9 hour time difference to Germany. But I’m very glad to catch the video recording on your blog! Thanks to you for the great video, your work and your marketing team. 😉

    • Lauren Margolis at 11:08 am

      Thanks, Dom! We had some audio problems there that we weren’t able to remedy in the recording. Sorry about that, I hope you’re still able to get something out of the video.

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