New Webinar: Tips and Strategies to Grow Your Online Audience in 2014

New Webinar: Tips and Strategies to Grow Your Online Audience in 2014


No matter your specialty, as a photographer looking to get work you need to be able to answer these two basic questions: who is the audience you currently have and who is the audience you want? In this webinar, PhotoShelter’s Chairman and Co-founder Allen Murabayashi will not only guide you through how to answer both questions but will show you how the answers will help you build a better online presence and attract clients to your work.


As the battle for attention rages on in all corners of the web, strategies to gain recognition, get clients, and stay top of mind are constantly changing.  Here, Allen offers up tips from the presentations he’s given at WPPI, PPE, The Palm Springs Photo Festival and numerous other conferences. He’ll focus on how to find the best recipe for using the web to attract and engage the right audience and turn them into loyal clients. Learn things like:

  • The “smell test” (hint: it’s what your online brand is emitting)
  • The “search engine lottery” do’s and don’ts
  • The “stop doing list” (or, how to make smart decisions with your time)
  • The “boomerang” effect for getting old clients coming back for more

You’ll also discover the steps to take after building that dream list of clients, what the smartest online photo marketers are doing, what an “online footprint” is — and more.

If you’re looking to create a killer online marketing strategy — or get the latest tips and tricks to update what you’re already doing — this webinar for you.

Watch the recording of this webinar here.


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  1. John Brodt at 9:08 am

    Hello! Your webinars sound fantastic and I would like to join in…unfortunately, I work a full time day job and cannot attend the ET events during regular ET hours…I’m on central time. Do you ever have live webinars available in the evening, or after us central timers get off our “day jobs”? I know the webinars are recorded, but its not the same as being there…thank you!


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