Ian Willms’ Photography Brings Him Close to his Father | I Love Photography Ep. 50

Ian Willms’ Photography Brings Him Close to his Father | I Love Photography Ep. 50

A motorcycle accident paralyzed Ian Willms’ father, but it also brought them closer as Ian captured the recovery through Instagram. Plus, the best photo of the Northern Lights and Paul Octavious’ Pantones on Mr. Porter. I Love Photography is our weekly look at all things photographic with Sarah Jacobs and PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi.


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2:03 PhotoShelter Webinar: Copyright & Your Rights with Jack Reznicki and Ed Greenberg
3:54 Elite Daily Sued for Stealing Photos from Peter Menzel
5:31 Gear Reviews from a Chick who doesn’t do gear reviews: Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8
9:35 Sebastian Saarioos’ insane photo of the northern lights
11:38 Kickstarter events, 3/25: Talking Shop: Rachel Sussman on Becoming an Artist
14:49 VII’s Donald Weber says The Rules of Photojournalism are Keeping Us from the Truth
19:27 Greg Boratyn’s Milky Way & Mountains
21:45 How Photography Brought Ian Willms back to his father
25:12 Paul Octavious’s Pantones on Mr. Porter
26:59 Pei Ketron gets a few billboards with her iPhone (plus our webinar with Pei)
28:57 LPV Podcast w. Sarah J & Amanda Jas aka HokayTokay
30:22 Alícia Rius captures the mesmerizing beauty of the sphynx cat



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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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