3 Photo Essays to Enjoy During a Blizzard

3 Photo Essays to Enjoy During a Blizzard

The first blizzard of the season is about to hit the northern seaboard with 2 feet of snow predicted for Washington, D.C. with another foot of snow in New York City. Since you can’t (nor shouldn’t) venture outside, you might as well enjoy these snowy photo essays.

Evgenia Arbugaeva’s Weather Man


Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in the Arctic Circle in the small Russian town of Tiksi. The average high in January is a blustery -16 °F. There are few people more qualified to photograph the lonely life of an Arctic meteorologist. Arbugaeva spoke at this year’s National Geographic Photographer Seminar.

Tiina Itkonen’s Greenland


Tiina Itkonen hails from Finland, but started exploring Greenland in the mid-1990s. Her love affair with the place and people was so significant that it convinced her to start shooting with color film. Some of Itkonen’s work is being displayed at the Anchorage Museum in an exhibition entitled “Portraits of Place: The Arctic in Photographs” through April 24, 2016.

Pablo Zaluska’s Frozen Soap Bubbles


Baby, it’s cold outside! Warsaw-based Pablo Zaluska convinced his 3-year old daughter to wear her winter coat before venturing outside by showing her that even soap bubbles froze. Fortunately for us, he also filmed said soap bubbles. Now put that coat on!

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