New Member Shout-Outs: November 2016 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: November 2016 Edition

This month’s new member inspiration is brought to you by two women photographers. They’ve photographed everything from fisherman in Myanmar to the local scene in Las Vegas. Check them out.

Kate Baumgartner

Kate's homepage – Shuffle template

Kate’s homepage – Shuffle template

Name: Kate Baumgartner

PhotoShelter template: Shuffle

Member since: November 9, 2016

Location: Hong Kong

Specialty and background: Kate Baumgartner is a freelance photographer based in Hong Kong with a love of travel and a passion for photography. She has amassed a reputable portfolio of evocative and inspiring award-winning images from her travels throughout Asia and Africa. Many of her images hang on walls in North America, Asia, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Australia. The amazing connection with the subjects of her photography allows her to capture raw emotion and spirit. Kate has a talent for finding the ‘story within the story’, and she has been known to spend hours on one image just to capture a compassionate understanding of her subjects.  The compositions evoke a sense of the spiritual….as in they have a soul.  Her dedication to her art, her travels and experiences continue to inspire many memorable photographs. When she is not traveling she photographs the beauty in villages and areas around Hong Kong.

© Kate Baumgartner

© Kate Baumgartner

Alexandra Diaz

Alexandra's homepage – East template

Alexandra’s homepage – East template

Name: Alexandra Diaz

PhotoShelter template: East

Member since: November 10, 2016

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Specialty and background: Alexandra Diaz is a Las Vegas based photographer who enjoys shooting lifestyle and street style photography along with urban scenes around the city and nature landscapes outside of town. No matter the subject, she hopes viewers will enjoy an overall insight into her style of photography.

© Alexandra Diaz

© Alexandra Diaz

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