Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photographers

Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photographers

Travel is a pretty popular photo niche, and interest in these images goes beyond the traditional photography circle. Think: travel companies, airlines, guides, magazines and blogs for example.

These companies and content producers all need great photos and often look for inspiration from popular travel images, which of course includes turning to Instagram. So what’s the best way to get your own travel images seen? Using the right Instagram hashtags is definitely a good place to start. 

In partnership with Feature Shoot, we’ve done our research and broken these travel hashtags up into two groups: searchable and submittable. Tagging your image with a searchable hashtag allows others to find it by filtering through the search bar. Tagging your image with a submittable hashtag, however, means that you’re submitting your work to a feature page for consideration.

If we missed any, please share with us in the comments!

Matt Blaikie, IG name: @mattblaikie, seen on @passionpassport

Travel: Searchable

#intothewild If you’ve seen the film adapted from Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction book of the same name, you should be able to imagine the imagery and feel of images with this hashtag. Solitude, the wilderness, adventure, frugality and a backpack or camper as a home feature frequently.

#tinypeopleinbigplaces No selfies, facial features difficult to make out—as the hashtag suggests, the figures in these pictures should be dwarfed by the surrounding environment—and this should ideally be awe-inspiring.

#bestplacestogo Use this tag if you are happy to share your travel discoveries with the world. If you want to keep your destination secret, perhaps better to avoid it.

#cityview Whether you’re looking down at the city from a mountain pass, a high building or flying a drone, this is a good tag to show off your best cityscapes.

#travelphotographer The generic tags are often the most used, and also the easiest to find.

#traveldeeper The tag to use when your images demonstrate are going beyond scraping the surface and instead striding to deepen your traveling experience by immersing yourself in the culture, getting off the beaten track or learning the local language.

#suitcasetravels This hashtag is ideal for those who enjoy comfort, boutique hotels, visits to historic chateaux and drinking a glass of red with an ocean view. It’s also loved by travelers who wish to share with the world the contents of their suitcase, or are curious as to what others pack.

#letsgosomewhere Use this to share your picturesque panoramas of beautiful places, grainy captures of road trips through the wilderness and city sights. Those images that inspire others to buy a plane ticket are more likely to get noticed.

#welltravelled Attach this to your travel pictures of anywhere that has taken your breath away.

#travelmemories Sometimes nostalgia strikes and you can’t help but look back at old photographs of your time on the road. If ones catches your eye, share it with this hashtag.

Travel: Submittable

© Lauren Stephanie Wells IG: @laurenswells, seen on @dametraveler

Submissions: #dametraveler
Followers: 376K
Posts with this hashtag: 1,349,195

“All images must have a female subject with a scenic backdrop, the smaller you are in the shot, the better” writes Nastasia Wong, founder of Dame Traveler, “and this means no selfies”. Photographers should use natural lighting to magical effect in unique compositions that have the unique capacity to transport the viewer into a dream world.

Submissions: #moodygrams
Followers: 818K
Posts with this hashtag: 9,785,166

“We are looking for a particular aesthetic”, writes founder Shauna, “photos edited with fade, to give it a soft, subtle and moody look are more likely to get noticed. Anything on the sharper side would more than likely be passed on.” Shauna is drawn to the images which convey a feeling, though also recognizes that nature photographs are currently the most likely to appeal to the community.

© Martina Gebarovska, IG: @dreamingandwandering, seen on @passionpassport

Submissions: #passionpassport
Followers: 851K
Posts with this hashtag: 9,565,345

The photographs shared in this international community of travelers, storytellers and creatives encourage viewers to keep exploring. Every image is a colorful window onto a unique destination, accompanied by a story or personal anecdote to paint a more vivid picture of the place and situation.

Submissions: #lifeofadventure
Followers: 378K
Posts with this hashtag: 7,310,922

Adrenaline sports, intrepid journeys and vertiginous heights appear frequently in these typically grainy image. This hashtag is ideal for those who live frugally on the road, but know how to live life to the max.

© Jan Kaya, IG: @lichterfang, seen on @stayandwander

Submissions: #stayandwander
Followers: 427K
Posts with this hashtag: 3,119,517

Adventure inspiration for travelers whose idea of fun is living in a log cabin in a remote wooded mountain valley.

Submissions: #mytinyatlas
Followers: 127K
Posts with this hashtag: 3,554,659

“Make sure your submission is in color, we tend to prefer natural colors, and ensure that your images have a geo-location—they can’t be secret” writes Tiny Atlas Quarterly founder Emily Nathan. The team is drawn to photographs of paths less beaten and destinations that are up-and-coming—rather than selfies, they favor tiny people in big places.

Submissions: #folkgood
Followers: 152K
Posts with this hashtag: 2,109,526

The typical photos shared by folkgood offer windows onto the great outdoors, specifically the most northern and southern reaches of the planet, through soft filters. Human presence seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment.

© Michael G. Quinn, IG: @mikegquinn, seen on @ourplanetdaily

Submissions: #ourplanetdaily
Followers: 1.8M
Posts with this hashtag: 3,536,452

Ourplanetdaily seeks outstanding photographs of nature, wildlife and different regions of the planet. Unusual destinations, flora and fauna are most likely to generate interest.

For a breakdown of 11 categories of Instagram hashtags you should be using, check out our guide in partnership with Feature Shoot, The Photographer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags

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