Call for Entries: Let’s Celebrate Mom

Call for Entries: Let’s Celebrate Mom

As photographers, we are first and foremost storytellers. But how do you photograph a mother? Can you capture the power, beauty and uniqueness of Mom in a single frame? Is it even possible to do her justice photographically?

Whether human or animal, there’s a certain ineffable magic to photographing mothers. Now more than ever, we want to celebrate moms and see the images you feel best capture her spirit. 

Send us your best portraits, lifestyle shoots and moments from your time photographing wildlife. We’ll be sharing our selects next week here on our blog and social media accounts. Just like photography itself, a mother’s love is universal. But the way each mother is frozen in time with a photograph is as unique as she is and it’s important to celebrate that, too. 

Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @photoshelter or email We can’t wait to see your photos and hear why they’re so special to you.

Submit your photos by Friday, May 8th at 11:59pm EDT for a chance to be featured. 

Cover image by Zac Mills.

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