Podcast: Do You Still Need a Photography Website in 2020?

Podcast: Do You Still Need a Photography Website in 2020?

FlakPhoto’s Andy Adams asked his followers for their website URLs early this month, and was surprised to find that a number of them didn’t have a website. Instagram has become the dominant way to follow photographers , but that doesn’t mean it’s a good replacement for a website. In this episode of Vision Slightly Blurred, Sarah and Allen discuss the limitations of social media, and the value of building your brand and SEO through your own website.

We mention the following photographers, articles, and websites in this episode:

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Max Foster at 2:47 pm

    Great podcast! Photographers consistently underestimate the importance of having a quality website to build their brand and drive traffic. It is crucial to have a platform that is managed completely by the photographer, rather than a third party app.

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