16 Photographers Share Their Goals and Aspirations for 2022

16 Photographers Share Their Goals and Aspirations for 2022

For many creatives, the start of a new year means revisiting your portfolio, refreshing your business model, looking back on the challenges and successes of the previous year and beginning to plan for the months ahead.

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting and difficult to “keep.” But reframing them as aspirations — with a positive and curious outlook on what’s to come — can be a fitting alternative for the ambitious community of creatives out there.

We asked a bunch of PhotoShelter members what they’re looking forward to in 2022, and what goals or projects they hope to accomplish this year. Read their responses below and walk away inspired for the year ahead.

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Miguel Vasconcellos

I want to build up my portrait portfolio with some of the amazing people I encounter every day, get commissioned to shoot some great work and meet with some editors and other members of this amazing community!

Inès Morin Elias

Definitely capturing more moments of my family and friends which I don’t do enough. I am always elsewhere capturing photos of other people and places when in fact the people I hold dear in my heart deserve more attention in photographs. I would like to do a body of work around them. At the end of the day, they are my emotional support and I could not be the photographer who I am today without them.

Photo by Inés Morin Elias

Kevin Ebi

I’m working toward completing several environmental projects. A book to help children appreciate the nature in their own neighborhoods is due to be published in 2022. I’m also finishing work on an exhibit to illustrate the impact of wilderness conservation in the American West.

Marcel Mayer

I would like to finish my long-term project about the natural disaster at the river Ahr until the end of the period of transition and publish the first part of my project.

Photo by Marcel Mayer

Cate Brown

More travel. So many travel plans were put off or cut short due to circumstances the last two years. And hopefully more winter surf sessions as I continue to document the Cold Water Women community of the Northeast.

Grant Baldwin

I am currently adding drone capabilities to my product offering, which will be in place at the beginning of 2022 and also looking forward to expanding the background business and marketing knowledge that will continue to carry my business growth forward.

Brittni Brown 

I hope to continue to grow in my macro skills and I am also planning to gain more practice with relaxed portrait photography. This is an area that makes me very nervous but about which I am excited.

Photo by Brittni Brown

Shane Srogi

To call attention to the positive effects of connecting with nature and the long-term threats to our environment. I’ll be teaching, sharing my photographic and park knowledge. I’ll also lean into my “Finding Florida” project discovering unusual places in Florida, far away from crowded beaches and the house of the mouse. Summer of 2022 will bring another road trip out West highlighting Parks and the 20-year drought.

Jeremy Johnson

I’m hoping to branch into more adventure photography in 2022, focusing on the human stories of endurance and perseverance. Skiing, trail running, and mountain biking will be my mountain sports focus, and the maritime culture and races will be my water focus.

Photo by Jeremy Johnson

Deborah Shapiro

As a street photographer, I will continue to document life in New York City as the Covid pandemic evolves, using my photography as a visual diary. I am preparing a portfolio to present to a gallery in early 2022. 

Luke Burke

For many years I have been collecting images from the streets of London – the idea is 100 shots from the City I call my home – It has taken quite some time as my style and focus has changed – cameras have come and gone as have buildings and festivals I have shot along the way – so 2022 for me would be about finishing the project and publishing the book.

Giovanna Del Sarto

I am using photography to understand my mum’s Alzheimer. It helps me to be closer to her as well as be aware of small precious moments of her new way of being. I want to use this work to help society and families in their acknowledgment of their beloved ones. Sooooo, yes, I wish to be able to talk about it, to exhibit my mum and mine experience together.

Photo by Giovanna Del Sarto

Alan Barnett 

When the lease expired on my studio, I closed it due to lack of work from the pandemic and moved my business into my one-bedroom apartment. If I move my dining furniture, I can make a tiny space for headshots. I plan to invite models to collaborate with me so I can experiment and discover creative lighting techniques that can work with the limited space. I also hope to enroll in some live continuing education courses as I did before the pandemic. I like the stimulation of getting out and collaborating with other creative individuals to fuel my own creativity.

Tod Marks

I have never traveled overseas and I’ve dreamed of covering the English Grand National Festival in Aintree ever since I fell in love with the sport as a teen in the early 70s watching Red Rum with the National on ABC TV’s Wide World of Sports. I finally took the plunge and planned to make the trip in April 2020. Had my credentials, plane tickets, hotel, and transportation all lined up. Then bang, Covid hit. I am hoping conditions will improve and will once and for all be able to experience this long-awaited adventure!

Kathryn Elsesser

I am hoping to expand my editorial coverage for other publications. I just recently returned from France and had photographed a story for Oregon Wine Press and would also like to incorporate more travel.

Photo by Kathryn Elsesser

Betsy Mooney

I am 70 years old and still working part-time as a naturalist. Photography is my hobby and relaxation. I want to hone my skills as a nature photographer, sharing my images about birds and animals as a reminder that we all are part of nature. I hope my images will help conservation efforts and increase awareness of declining bird and animal populations due to habitat destruction and climate change. We can work together to accomplish a healthier planet. I plan to improve my website and better organize my images. Photo cards are a favorite project for me.

Want to share your goals and aspirations for 2022? Leave a comment below or tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@photoshelter) and let us know about the projects, assignments, workshops, or ideas you have planned for the year ahead.

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  1. Elsie at 7:14 am

    My goal for 2022 is to be a go-getter and not be afraid to try new stuff. When I see an opportunity that I know will benefit me and my photography, I should just go for it and not be afraid of being rejected. After all, when one door closes, another opens.

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