New Webinar: Stylize Your Portrait Photography Using Photoshop Basics

New Webinar: Stylize Your Portrait Photography Using Photoshop Basics

Photo by Aaron Nace

Stylize Your Portrait Photography Using Photoshop Basics

Today, many clients expect photographers to stylize their images in Photoshop, whether it’s simple color correction or more embellishing techniques like highlights and shadows. Bottom line: basic Photoshop skills can help you win big with clients.

In this webinar on Tuesday April 23rd at 4pm ET, special guest Aaron Nace will do a live retouching tutorial featuring a combination of simple techniques in Photoshop. Aaron is the Founder and President of Phlearn, the #1 Photoshop site that publishes free episodes to help creatives learn Photoshop and photography techniques. Aaron is also a working and widely recognized photographer.

Aaron will go over several basic Photoshop techniques, and then demonstrate how they can be used to stylize your images. He’ll cover:

  • Retouching using dodge and burn
  • Color correction
  • Adding a focal point to an image
  • Shaping a face using highlight and shadow
  • Adding makeup in Photoshop

Each technique can be learned in under a minute and is powerful by itself – combined together, amazing results can be achieved. Join us on Tuesday, April 23rd for this live webinar with Phlearn.


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