Video: Meet Libris (And Our Photographer Referral Program!). Visual Asset Management for Organizations.

Video: Meet Libris (And Our Photographer Referral Program!). Visual Asset Management for Organizations.

Ever wonder about new ways for you to bring more value to the organizations you shoot for?

In this video Farah Visslailli, PhotoShelter Head of Client Services, and Kristin Twiford, Libris Content Marketing Specialist, introduce Libris. Libris is a new product from PhotoShelter for organizations to easily, efficiently and securely organize, collaborate on and share their photos. And for you as a photographer this means another opportunity to help your clients. (Read more about that in this post by photographer and DAM expert Peter Krogh, product architect of Libris)

By watching this video you’ll learn:

  • How PhotoShelter members sparked the idea for Libris
  • What Libris is and how it will help you help organizations that need a media library with support for multiple users, controlled access permissions, and multiple file types (including video)
  • What the platform offers, with similarities and differences to your personal PhotoShelter account
  • Which organizations are already using Libris, including ConocoPhillips and Fujifilm that have been introduced to Libris by photographers
  • How photographers can power their business by joining the Libris referral program
  • How you can get a 10% commission on signup revenue when you refer clients to Libris (signup revenue ranges from $2,999 to over $50,000)

Libris is a great way to add value for your clients and become a part of their creative teams. It will help you build stronger relationships, and have a client that uses a system made for managing your work (not to mention that 10% commission for every referral).

Interested in learning more? Watch the video, and join the referral program by clicking here or emailing When you join, we’ll reach out with helpful information on Libris and how to introduce it to your clients. You’ll also get an intro to a dedicated program manager who will help you and your clients along the way from initial product demo to free 14-day trial to signup.

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  1. Bartlomiej Talik at 7:16 am

    Hi I just recently sign up with photoshelter the basic package and I wonder if get any pictures sold.I also want to ask is it possible to make a blog somehow on this basic package as I have only 3 links there home page with gallery about and contact and I did try to add link as blog and add some text but the site builder doesn’t updated in the way that I would have this blog link online. Is there a limit how many links as subpages you can have.?How also I could get better traffic to my website to get finally some sales.?I will be greatfull for any help.

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