WATCH: 14+ Ways to Stay Creative at Home

WATCH: 14+ Ways to Stay Creative at Home

Right now, an astounding number of people around the world are under stay-in-place orders. 

At a time like this, when creative people are feeling especially stifled, we wanted to know how our community of photographers was taking on the challenge of managing this “new normal.” 

So we asked you one question: How are you staying creative and productive at home? 

As expected, your responses were thoughtful and beneficial to just about everyone. The tips ran quite the gamut — from embarking on new photo projects to dusting off those photography basics to taking advantage of your archive, practicing self-compassion and remembering the value of a little humor.  

Watch the on-demand webinar now: 14+ Ways to Stay Creative at Home

Take the time to think more deeply about how to fuse your greatest interest with your photography passion in ways that may not have been done before – explore the underserved nooks and crannies and that’s where you may find opportunity.

Andrew Fingerman, PhotoShelter CEO

Prefer to skim the list? Check it out here, and watch the on-demand webinar for the full list of tips, discussion and Q&A!

  1. Keep a consistent morning routine.
  2. Start with a clean slate.
  3. Kick off the day with a moment of connection.
  4. Set goals and deadlines.
  5. Pump up the tunes. 
  6. Pair up with an accountability partner.
  7. Carve out the right time. 
  8. Swap the screen for a pen and paper.
  9. Step away.
  10. Get moving. 
  11. Play and have fun!
  12. Be kind – to others and to yourself.
  13. Start brainstorming.
  14. Revive or start a new creative project or workflow task.
  15. Keep shooting. 

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If this webinar has you feeling inspired to keep shooting, we’ve also got a brand new free guide coming out this Thursday, April 9th in partnership with our friends over at Feature Shoot. 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home will encourage you to think outside of the box and, hopefully, help you stave off a bit of boredom in the process. We’ll also be hosting photo challenges on social media starting Friday, April 10th and can’t wait to see which projects you’re taking advantage of! 

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